Bachelor of Science in
Human Services

At a glance

classes with local tutorials

121 Credit Hours

UGX 333,250
per credit hour

UGX 40,323,250 total for degree


What is this programme all about?

Put your care for the needs of others to work with organizational, administrative, and strategic leadership. Integrating biblical foundations with practical application, this degree is ideal for anyone interested in a working in social services, education, behavioral health management, and healthcare.

What will you be taught?

1. Integrate the principles of the human services profession with biblically informed values.
2. Demonstrate collaborative and effective problem-solving skills using multiple theoretical approaches.
3. Develop administration skills that require the application of theory in a variety of human services agency situation and settings.
4. Research contemporary issues in human services to provide practical solutions, and communicate results through clear, concise and appropriate

Where can you use these skills?

How will you use these skills in your careers?

As a graduate, you can look for jobs in the human services field, including social services, education, community development, and ministry while pursuing organisational leadership roles as well.

What will you be able to do in your new jobs?

Which university is offering this programme?

Southeastern University, a Christ-centred institution based in Florida in the US, is partnering with Christian Halls to offer this programme in East Africa. Click here to visit the Southeastern University website to know more.

What are the admission requirements?

High school transcripts
(C grade or better)


Curriculum vitae
(CV or resume)

National identification

ACT or SAT scores

What are the programme details?

In this undergraduate programme, you will be covering advanced human services topics in preparation for professional leadership roles.

The courses included in the degree are listed below. Note that courses are not listed in the order they are taken. To read more about each course, please visit the SEU online catalog here.

Bachelor of Science in Human Services (121 hours)

Intellectual and Practical Skills – 15 Hours

Engaging Human Culture and the Natural World – 19 Hours

Humanities Elective (select one):

Literature Elective

Behavioral Science Elective (select one):

Social Science Elective (select one):

Natural Science Elective (select course and its corresponding lab):

Spiritual Formation– 13 Hours

College and Christian Calling:

Old Testament Elective:

New Testament Elective:

Christian Studies:

Christian Responsibility – 9 Hours

General Electives are any courses that do not satisfy any specific course requirements of your programand which you have not previously taken.
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