Associate of Ministerial Leadership

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61 Credit Hours

UGX 333,250
per credit hour

UGX 20,328,250 total for degree


What is this programme all about?

Maybe you are called to pastor an entire congregation — or you have a passion for children’s ministry, missions or another part of the body of Christ. Either way, this degree is designed to prepare you to serve in leadership and support roles at churches and other faith-based organisations around the world.

What will you be taught?

1. Intellectual and practical leadership and ministry skills.
2. Develop a broad foundation in theology and Biblical studies along with the knowledge of how to apply these foundations to everyday life.
3. Spiritual formation coupled with the understanding of church ministry and how to utilize these skills operationally in churches and other faith-based organisations.
4. Application of biblical principles of leadership in a variety of environments.

Where can you use these skills?

How will you use these skills in your careers?

As a graduate, you can look for jobs in ministerial leadership and support roles at churches and other faith-based organisations around the world.

What will you be able to do in your new jobs?

Which university is offering this programme?

Southeastern University, a Christ-centred institution based in Florida in the US, is partnering with Christian Halls to offer this programme in East Africa. Click here to visit the Southeastern University website to know more.

What are the admission requirements?

High school transcripts
(C grade or better)


Curriculum vitae
(CV or resume)

National identification

ACT or SAT scores

What are the programme details?

In this undergraduate programme, you will be covering foundational biblical and
theological principles as well as servant leadership-oriented topics.
All courses are transferable into Southeastern’s Bachelor of Science in Ministerial

The courses included in the degree are listed below. Note that courses are not listed in the order they are taken. To read more about each course, please visit the SEU online catalog here.

Associate in Ministerial Leadership (61 hours)

**Online students may take the online PMIN 2302 Student Ministry Practicum I and PMIN 2402 Student Ministry Practicum II for credit. These practicums count towards the general elective requirement
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